Green School

Green School

About the Project

The first project stage started in Almaty, where the Bulat Utemuratov Foundation will install greenhouses in 16 public schools. In 2022 Nur-Sultan joint the initiative, and Shymkent will join the project a year later by installing 40 more greenhouses.

All greenhouses are equipped with modern drip irrigation, heating and lighting systems. Phyto-tapes 60 m long with blue and red diodes are responsible for the light that is useful for plants and support the biosynthesis and vegetation of plants, improve their growth and increase productivity. To prevent freezing of vegetables and berry crops in winter, infrared heaters were installed and a heating cable was laid in the soil. 

Working in greenhouses will add the school curriculum with practical lessons and will be an excellent opportunity for teachers to conduct interesting elective lessons. Schoolchildren will grow vegetables, berries and herbs, and the crop will be used in demonstration projects and contests between school teams.


  • 56 greenhouses

    in Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent

  • 3 year

    project implementation dates

  • USD 2 mln

    total project budget