About the Foundation

The Bulat Utemuratov's Foundation was established in early 2014. 

The Foundation's mission:
We bring together people, ideas and resources to create valuable and sustainable solutions that move society forward.

Bulat Utemuratov adheres to a systematic approach in carrying out his patronage activities in order to improve the quality of life of beneficiary groups and/or the condition of objects with long-term sustainability. The philanthropist transfers his business principles to social activities, so this is always transparent, targeted and result-oriented assistance with control over the effectiveness of its provision. 

our Values

  • Доверие

    We strive to ensure that our work is worthy of the trust of our beneficiaries, partners, sponsors, as well as the entire population of Kazakhstan.

  • Открытость

    We are open in our activities. We implement open communication activities, regularly publish reports and are ready to listen to the opinions of our beneficiaries, partners and sponsors. We strive for continuous development and are open to new experiences, knowledge and challenges.

  • Забота

    Our projects are aimed at helping those who need it most of all. 

  • Ответственность

    We are responsible for the funds entrusted to us and the hopes placed on us.

  • Результативность

    We strive to achieve the best result in the most effective way.

Наши проекты

Bulat Utemuratov Foundation is a multi-project foundation that is actively involved in supporting projects in the field of health, culture and education. Our projects: